Parish Hall

The Churchfitters at the Parish Hall
The Churchfitters at the Parish Hall
Burns Night at the Parish Hall
Hall set for a wedding


Laid out for a party

 History   Aymestrey Parish hall was opened in 1932 and was a former WW1 army barrack or field hospital building which through a Government programme of the day was relocated to the village as a community building.


Over the following 80 years or so it has changed very little. Although in recent years a few modifications have been done – an extension added in 2014 to accommodate a new kitchen and a meeting room have added greatly to the usability of the hall as a community space.

Hiring of the Hall  anyone can hire the hall for a fixed rate these vary from year to year and from type of events. Booking can be made by contacting the following –

Ken Holland 01568 770 367

Ruth Scamp   01568 709 031

Helen Roberts  01568 770 486


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